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Sweet 16 Girl

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And there she goes! Wasn't I just putting her hair up in a bow the other day? Who are these guys I don't know calling on her phone? Where is her phone? What is ChatSnap and who dances like that on TOCTIK? Is she really wearing makeup? Regardless,  I trust her and know she will be amazing because she is! 



Sweet #16 - 32.6"W x 32.2"H

Driving Emoji - 16"W x 20.8"H

Pug Puppy - 22.7"W x 17.8"H

Extra Tall Fat-Free Milk Steamed to 107 degrees $9.00 Caffeinated Beverage.  14.6"W x 23"W

Rainbow - 24.4"W x 13"H

Snapchat - 11.4"W x 11.4"H

Crown - 12"W x 18"H

Track Shows - 14"W - 19.2"H

Car Keys - 22.9"W x 25.8"H

TicTok - 12.5"

Instagram or IG - 11.6"

VW Bug - 26.4"W x 16.2"H 

Cell Phone - 23.2"W x 12"H

Facebook - 11.6"

High Heels - 15.6"W x 15.6"H