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It's A Boy

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If you are looking for an enjoyable way to display the wonderful news a first-time parent shares with their friends and loved one, look no further. This "It's A Boy" theme is simple, classy and very cute. 



Boat - 13.8"W X 16"H

Baby Boy - 25.3"W x 24.8"H

Sun - 23.2"W x 24"H

Safety Pin - 23.3"W x 9.9"H

Elephant - 23.3"W x 19.5"H

Rabbit - 15.25"

Duck - 15"W x 14.2"H

Bow - 15"W x 14"H

Helicopter - 20"W x 24"H

GoldFish  - 9.6"W x 7"H

Car - 16.3"W x 24.9"H

Bear - 15.6"W x 14.8"H

Colored Ball - 17.3"

Yellow Button - 7.8"

Foot Print - 19.6"W x 18"H

Giraffe - 17.5"W x 33"H