Mermaid - Sign Fairies


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Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid is a heartwarming tale of a mermaid falling in love, battling evil to be with her love, and living happily ever after as a human.

This isn't Ariel, but it is her second cousin on her mother's side. Her name is Piper and she is amazing and very special. She is kind, caring, and just a joy to all who meet her. 



Piper is - 45"W x 32.3"H

Happy Birthday - 51.7"W x 20.9"H

Shells - 12.8"W x 16.2"H

Dolphin (Alice's Best Friends name Gabe) - 30"H x 14.5"H

Treasure Box - 20"W x 21"H

Stars - 12.8"W x 12.9"H

Seahorse (also known as Zoey) - 10.2"W x 15.2"H

Seaweed - 20"W x 15.6H"

Tiny Fish (her name is Marsha) - 9.8"W x 14.8"H