Our Shop

The Sign Fairies Shop was inspired by all the members of our Sign Fairies - Make Your Own Plastic Letters and Yard Decorations Group.  Since our Sign Fairies private group is about creating and being artistic with yard signs. The natural progression for our members was to ask where other members purchased some or all of their items. 
There was a time during the early months of our Sign Fairies private group that some members had a "no so" pleasant experience with sellers. Our members by default reached out to me and I became a customer services agent for sign vendors in our group. Sign Fairies has no interest in being a "free" customer service agent for anyone other their Sign Fairies. 
I was compelled to create a Sign Fairies Shop because it was the best way to manage our members exceptions. It would be much easier to create a Sign Fairies Shop than manage everyone who wanted to sell products and signs to members within our private group. 
The Sign Fairies Shop is always changing and we are constantly update and changing the shop to meet the needs of our creative members. 
Have a look around and if see something we aren't offering, please reach out to us directly and will try to accommodate your request if it's something we don't offer today. #theJOYbusiness #beopen2it