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Woooo... Hang On! 

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So you have made the decision! You've decided you are going to get into #theJOYbusiness. You've joined a couple of Facebook Groups, hopefully, my Private Facebook Group, and you ready to do SOMETHING. The question is what? You know you need yard signs, stakes, letters (what font) and what size letters? You don't know exactly where to start, but you want to start now. 

Chill! Hang On. Before you spend $1000 or more on signs and letters you may not need or spend $300 bucks on the material you are going to use to make your signs, let's think this through.  I would start with a "Start Up" conversation with Renick. I don't have 21 years of being in the Yard Card Business, but I do have 6 months of epic experience and I have learned a lot. I've had to transition and pivot and make many adjustments along the way. 

Why not invest $49.99 and have a 30-minute video conference or phone call with Renick to make sure you are moving in the right direction. 

Renick has also partnered with #approvedvendors who understand the importance of customer service and taking care of their customers. There are a LOT of companies in the market place who are offering yard sign services and many of them are very good at what they do. Renick is collaborating, inspecting, interviewing companies who make signs, and is only partnering with the one he would work with personally. 

Buying yard signs is important, so is your invoicing software, so is your website and I could go on! Let's be strategic and not reactive, being excited is awesome, but don't be impulsive! Think it through with someone who understands how excited, don't make mistakes that might cost you, think it through with someone who loves this business and wants to help you bring JOY to people.  

Do yourself a favor and spend some time with Renick to figure out the best business plan for you and your business before you invest in products or services you might not need.