The Sign Fairies Blog - Sign Fairies Lake Norman Yard Sign Rentals

The Sign Fairies Blog - Sign Fairies Lake Norman Yard Sign Rentals

Welcome to the Sign Fairies Blog. 

All of us at Sign Fairies have been overwhelmed. We can't believe how quickly and how fast the Yard Sign Celebration Business has exploded. During this transition, I haphazardly posted a video to our Sign Fairies YouTube channel, and to my surprise someone actually liked it. Then someone else liked it and the next thing I knew I had a subscriber. 

What has happened since then is actually hard to define. Since I enjoy making videos and have been doing it for a long time. I started making instructional videos about how I make plastic yard letters. I posted a "How To" video about cutting out a plastic letter and painting them. I showed folks how to tape off the edges of plastic letters to make them look contoured after you remove the tape. 

My 10 minute "How to make a plastic yard letter" video has been the catalyst for my subscriber growth. To date, we have over 13,000 views and I can't tell you how it happened or what I did to make it happen, it just happened. Call it luck, call it grace call it whatever you want. All bets were off after that video and our YouTube growth has been growing ever since. 

Before you can make any money on YouTube, they require that you have at leave 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 HOURS of watch time. Both of these requirements seemed like a tall order, but I stayed the course and continued making videos. 

The average amount of time it takes a no-name YouTube creator to get 1000 subscribers & 4000 hours of watched content is roughly 16 months. The Sign Fairies channel was able to amass 1000 subscribers in less than 3 1/2 months. All of our growth has been organic and we are walking around just baffled that all of his has happened to us. We are 500 hours short of our 4000 hours minimum requirement. 

Our Private Facebook Group grew out of the suggestion from a YouTube subscriber I never met. She told me I needed to stop what I was doing and start a Private Facebook Group because I was silly not to monetize what I was providing for free on YouTube. 

As of today, we have 980 members in our group and we talk about everything Yard Card. From making plastic letters, installing displays, organizing our inventory and making our own inventory we've been baffled at the willingness of people wanting to join. We discuss other business topics and I recently created a Patreon Membership were business owners can come and watch "How To" on how to build and grow there business. 

We have not spent a dollar on advertising. Everything has been through referrals and we love it and wouldn't change anything. 

Please consider subscribing to our Sign Fairies YouTube channel. If you are a creative person and enjoy the challenge of crafting, I'm confident you will also like our Private Facebook group. The link is also below. 

Keep Smiling, 

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